Buying your council house from Maggie has just been a means of funding the Treasury.

I sent this in response to the Daily Express (28/2/2015) Inside Politics puff about Cameron’s blurb to those wanting to get on the housing ladder.
Macer Hall’s claim, that Home-owning is a Tory aspiration, is untrue. Most of us want a home, which is our castle, a sanctuary from the World beyond.
He claims that an appeal to this aspiration is a Tory vote winner.
He doesn’t seem to be paying close enough attention to what his party has done to working class (blue collar) Conservative voter’s.
There are many, who have seized on M. Thatcher’s right to buy their Council homes.
You can spot them on council estates, when canvassing.
They’re the ones with fixed fences, tended gardens, etc.; right next door to those that only get fixed up, as local elections draw nigh.
They’re the ones, who are now approaching the age, when they may be carried off to care homes and, because of this Coalition Government, are worried sick that the Council will grab their homes.
They’re the ones, who are now agonising over the possible threat to their spouses of being turfed out of their own scrimped for homes.
Their neighbour’s, who’ve never had to worry about maintenance costs, or meeting their rates bills and rents, after being made redundant, by austerity measures, would have no such concerns.
Home-owning has proven an own goal for this Government.

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