the means testing of pensions would have to hit “not so well-off” to have any effect.

Is there any real need for Labour and Lib Dems to attack pensioners over the Winter fuel allowance and bus passes?
The Winter fuel allowance was introduced by Brown to compensate for not increasing the State Pension, directly.
If it was replaced by £4:00 p.w. on the pension, it would become subject to Income Tax, making it automatically means tested, without any added expense in making adjustments.
The bus pass is probably not something we’ll see retired Minister’s using I.e.The Bus Pass would be unlikely to be used by anybody, who would be deemed ineligible, as a result of means-testing.
Such people would probably be able to afford a nice warm car, or a taxi, avoiding the need to risk pneumonia standing at a bus stop in Winter weather.
Or is the means testing is intended to be set so low that only those with no spare cash to spend in the shops would qualify?
In which case what incentive would there be to have a bus pass?



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