political parties should be self-funding, as independents have to be.

I sent this to the Daily Express after hearing Kenneth Clarke claim that they should be funded from taxation to avoid allegations of corruption (never guilty of being logical)
It has been said, mostly by politicians, that if we wish to avoid the possible corruption of our political system by party donations, we must fund political parties.
Apart from the view professed by some politicians that the State should not fund any public service, there is a more glaringly obvious reason why Political parties should not be funded by the taxpayer.
One has only to look at the emergence of the many new dissenting groups of voters and the impossibility of avoiding another coalition Government, to see that people do not like the present two party political system.
They certainly don’t want to see it entrenched by politicians handing themselves public money.
Such money will presumably be self-apportioned, according to how well embedded their own MP’s are.
Such a system would not necessarily stop the corrupting influence of political donations, anymore than giving MP’s bigger salaries would stop them demanding expenses and accepting invitations to Caribbean research trips etc.
Voter’s would be less worried about political corruption, if political parties could only be funded by their own candidates and that the candidates had a cap on donations to them.
At £10,000 per candidate, such a cap would provide £6M for each of the two main parties, to fund annoying battle buses and party political broadcasts.
It would be an inducement to put up candidates for every seat and avoid tactical voting, which is an attempt to cheat democracy.

Such a system would also be fairer for local groups, fighting on specific issues, and emerging parties, fighting on neglected national issues, to have a level standing with the National parties, campaigning on centrally controlled Westminster issues.

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