#VoteOnDevoManc. @Ed_Miliband just doesn’t fully support Democracy.

Speaking in Manchester yesterday Ed Miliband is reported to have slammed Conservatives saying “devolution should not be conditional on having figurehead”, and that Greater Manchester “should not be forced to have an elected mayor against its wishes.”

Asked twice however, whether in their position (Greater Manchester’s ten Council leaders) he would have accepted the deal, the MEN reports “he declined to give a direct answer.”

Asked about Labour’s own plans for devolution to the English regions, the Labour leader said it would happen “straight away” after a Labour government was elected.

Missing out from what he said about the Devo Manc deal, and his party’s own proposals for ‘devolution’ was any mention of the fact, that whether under Labour or the Tories, and it’s Devo Manc or Devo Merseyside or Sheffield, both party’s plans are implicitly conditional on the further imposition of austerity, and the ‘reform’ (i.e. further cuts, ‘rationalisation’ and the privatisation) of public services, the only difference being the pace of the so-called ‘reforms’.

It would also seem that while Ed was critical of an elected Mayor being imposed on Greater Manchester under the Devo Manc deal, he made no criticism whatsoever, of, how the new set up is to be imposed on the people of Greater Manchester, without them being consulted, able to scrutinise or have any say on the deal whatsoever, let alone a referendum on whether they want the whole thing or not.

Our view remains unaltered as a campaign



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