The imposition of a Manchester Mayor, contrary to the Referendum says a lot about our future.

Devo Manc
I got an email from an American group this morning, which casts greater concern on Osborne’s imposition of a Mayor on Manchester.

The implication is that later legislation will enable corporations to seize control of UK cities (shades of Robocop)

 Already in Michigan, at least five cities have been placed under emergency management. Often from Wall Street law firms, these state-appointed bureaucrats work to annul the decisions of elected local governments and radically restructure public services.
Often, as in the case of Detroit or Philadelphia, this means massive layoffs and retirement cuts for civil servants.
Across the Rust Belt, Republican governors are using unelected emergency managers to impose service cuts on the communities that most depend on them. In all of Michigan, for example, half of all African Americans have no local representatives because of emergency managers.
Chris Christie likes this idea, and recently hired Detroit emergency manager Kevyn Orr to take over Atlantic City. As the local police chief said, the move is part of Christie’s attempt to “further ruin anyone who dares to make working for the public their career.” ¬†
As long as we claim to uphold democratic values, we cannot support stripping citizens of local representation.


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