Sack the climatologists and hire people with solutions.

Why is “climate change” and “human-driven climate change” considered as equivalent.

There is no definitive proof offered for any human connection let alone that such changes are entirely, or mainly our fault.

Whilst climatologists keep pushing this absurd position, claiming the unscientific principle of “presumptive danger”,  politicians will focus on carbon reduction instead of planning for the consequences of the expected dangers / events.

We need to move to higher ground, if sea-levels expect to rise.

We need to investigate the effects on food production, if temperatures are expected to alter which crops are suitable in each locale.

If storms are to be greater, we should forget pushing double glazing and move towards smaller windows and stronger structures.

Stop doing a Canute on carbon footprints. stop building wind turbines, which won’t be operable in the strong winds that we are being warned of.

Cassandra needs to get off our backs and lead us to safer ground.


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