#occupy #noneoftheabove #NHS #Education Academies mark penultimate stage in privatisation of Education

Academies don’t come under Ofsted, they come under the Independent Schools Inspectorate (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Independent_Schools_Inspectorate). I.e. they are judged by different standards, although no doubt that statement will be contradicted by politicians, despite being unable to offer a reasonable justification¬† for this differentiation.
The next round of Ofsted is set on examining the management of LEA run schools, with a view to justifying their being turned into academies. — Hard Luck if you’re a Senior/Head teacher of a school in a wealthy catchment area, which hasn’t already applied to become an Academy.
David Cameron has announced, 3 months before a General Election, that he intends to turn more State Schools over to the ISC ( a private organisation managing independent schools) control, whether failing, or not.
This means that the DFE is setting up to manage this, despite the possibility of Labour achieving control of Government.
I have no doubt that Labour (Ed Miliband) will make no attempt to block this, especially as it was Labour, which initiated the setting up of the Academy structure.
Privatisation of the NHS has been successfully accomplished, through splitting hospitals into Trusts. Education will be privatised through the Academies being sold off, with the unprofitable ones being handed back to LEA control.
This process has been continuous under both Labour and Tory and is being accelerated to comply with TTIP and the eventual control of all State functions by Corporate bodies.


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