Modern Hollywood directors must never have to try and watch their own films.

I’ve just watched the Hollywoog version of the Three Musketeers. I didn’t see much.

The reason is simple. American Director’s like verisimilitude; so scenes, set in dungeons and poorly lit spacecraft, have to be shot in such conditions.

These poor simple minded people mustn’t realise that whereas they and their cast can see in such conditions that doesn’t mean that their audiences can.

Their eyes can adjust to accomodate the limited light entering them, by dilating the pupils: The camera lens can’t.

That dark multitudinous hued tapestry, on the wall, appears as a bland, black emptiness on the celluloid/memory device.

The audience may be in a darkened Cinema, watching with dilated pupils, but all they see is that same bland, black emptiness.

They are morons.

They even do the same with the sound.

A whispered dialogue, in a crowded nightclub, is not possible, as anyone but a Hollywood Director knows.

Worse, when there is little background music, the superimpose a deafening soundtrack.

Why do scriptwriter’s bother crafting skilful dialogue, when we don’t hear it?

Why do Producer’s cough up for high quality sets and locations when we can’t see them?

No wonder more films are being produced as cartoons. Easier on the viewer’s and Producer’s. Kinder to the Scriptwriter’s.

Get rid of Director’s producing “art” and get people, who realise that they’re in the Entertainmennt Industry.

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