Northward Ho! If plebs move up here, the rich would need shovels

London is too expensive for plebs.
Even well-salaried people can’t afford to buy their own homes and rents are ridiculous.
Journey’s to work are horrendously long and expensive.
Even with “The London Allowance” most working class people must find it hard to make ends meet.
Consider moving up North, if you can find a job here.
Rent on a terraced house is about £400 per month around Wigan.
Manchester and Liverpool both have a thriving theatre life with places of interest.
Both are about 10 miles from Wigan i.e. about the length of the Northern line.
The Lancashire coast line is one long stretch of sandy beaches, out to the horizon.
North Wales, The Peak District and The Lake District are a day trip away.
It’s not as hot and dry, in The Summer, but it’s not as cold and miserable, in The Winter.
The best part is, if all the workers moved up here, the rich bastards would have to clean up their own shit and the politicians would begin to realise that they are important at times other than polling day.


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