the A&E crisis is because there’s too many sick people for the money.

Letter to D. Express (7/1/15) not printed (preferred letter blaming A&E crisis on immigrants.):

With the Government claiming that they are pumping money into the NHS, it is incredible that Hospitals are reported to be in crisis, with 6 A&E’s declaring “a major incident” . These and other’s are having to call extra staff in, yet still missing waiting time targets.
It’s small wonder that Labour is making the NHS its main point of attack in the up-coming election campaign.
The excuses being made aren’t going to placate voter’s, who selfishly think that their aches and pains and their fear of imminent death are more important than growing an economy, which holds no apparent benefit for themselves.
There seems to be no shortage of suited men, offering a variety of explanations for the present state of affairs.
Jeremy Hunt’s comment that these are exceptional circumstances is almost facetious as an excuse for the lack of foreseeable need for spare capacity.
The claim that there are more elderly and they are bed-blocking can’t be used as an excuse for  the present situation. This has been voiced as a potential problem for at least a decade. I.e. Successive Governments have had sufficient time to put suitable arrangements in hand and should have done so well before this Winter.
The claim that many attending for treatment should have gone to their local chemist may be applicable in the case of some numpties but it blithely ignores those, lying on trollies and whom, medico’s would have admitted, if there were sufficient beds.
Most of those waiting upto 4 hours, or longer, possibly in pain, won’t be blaming the medico’s for their distress and won’t take any comfort from Jeremy Hunt’s banal claim that things are worse in other countries.
The present Government had better hope that there is a significant improvement before May, if it wishes to avoid obliteration at the polls

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