Poor Cameron probably thinks he did well on the #Marr show

Poor Cameron probably thinks he did well on the #Marr show with a friendly interrogator, not pushing on his paper thin assertions of policy.

He is mistaken if he thinks this will stand up over the coming months, eve if he manages to avoid too many head to head policy debates.

He will be congratulated by his political advisors, his P.R. and local party chiefs but he will only have pleased the fans, not the discontented.

His message that Austerity is good for us because it grows the Economy is not going to convince those who had a miserable Xmas and see a worsening year ahead.

It won’t work on Sun readers and convince them that austerity cant will fill an empty belly.

Those on good salaries and already intent on voting Tory will believe this “Austerity is good for growth” and that it will trickle back down as food on the table for Plebs, care for the elderly, adequate Health provision, safer streets and warmer homes.

It’s the same mentality that his class displayed when their kind ruled the Admiralty.

It’s the mentality which believed that keel-hauling and flogging were good for discipline and necessary to enable The Royal Navy to beat the French revolutionaries.

It was only when the Fleet Mutinied and large scale hangings failed to work that The Admirals had to re-evaluate their philosophy and consider that well fed and cared for men could be more effective than beaten, bullied and unhealthy pressed men.


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