1. Tories have no hope of winning the election
2. We owe more under the dreadful duo, through bailouts, subsidising privateers and political grandstanding.
3. Main parties don’t give a care about affordable housing for the masses.
4. HS2 is silly(agreed) and a waste of money and it was Osborne who fired the starting gun.
5. NHS privatisation was started by Maggie but it was Cameron who put his foot on the accelerator. It is duplicitous to claim that a nationwide  privatised and fragmented health service is The NHS as it was created to be.
6. The immigration policy, or lack of it, is a disaster and has continued to be under the Tories. Neither party had any intention of planning for the assimilation of the immigrants. Both want the cheapening of Labour that ensues from the resultant conflict.
7. The EU has been a curse, since well before Maastricht and the Sainted Maggie did nothing to extricate us, merely grabbing back a fraction of our subs.
8. What has been called the bedroom tax was deliberately obtuse; a hammer to crack a walnut.
9. ditto the foodbanks and suicides arising from the benefits cap. While people are protesting these iniquities, they won’t notice their freedoms being stolen by the EU and TTIP.
10. The Queen is a more impartial President than any political nominee would be. Even Charles would be a better voice for the Country.
11. why would any Scot want to stay in a Country governed by people, who have your mentality.
12. Fracking is not brilliant but may be necessary, as we have no coal mines or Nuclear plants left and alternative energies still aren’t yet viable and reliable.
13. check the sabre rattling from Putin, it has an edge to it. He just wants a bigger piece of the Global pie. He’s merely a distraction for us, unless the corporates think it worth while extending the conflict.
14. Mansion Tax is a sop for Sun readers and does appear to be an own goal.
15. Productivity is good but a lot of morons seem to think that squeezing bottom-end wages is conducive to productivity. Raising wages increases consumption and is the key to increased productivity (if British Management is up to the challenge).
16. Osborne needs to tax corporate turnover in this Country. No more getouts for Starbucks, Google, Amazon, Goldmann-Sachs etc.
17. A properly managed British Public Sector will always be more cost-effective than any unfettered privatised sector.
18. MP’s get more than peanuts, yet we’re still getting monkeys. If my M.P. took even longer holidays than at present, I wouldn’t notice. When your GP takes a day off, it is noticeable.

Irrespective of your, or my, opinions on these issues, it would be nice if the people could have a vote on every one, instead of having to choose between Tweedledum and Tweedledee every 5 years.
I’d trust the Demos on all these opinions over any one self-opinionated box set.

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