I spend half my computer time cleaning out spyware. should I surrender and get a tablet?

I’m close to giving up on firefox as a browser.
I have a TomTom which needs constant updating.
I’m pretty sure it also checks out my cookies, which means I’ve always cleaned them out before an update.
The problem is that Firefox has decided to protect me from their snooping, by blocking the flash drive it uses.
There is no way around it.
So having to clean my cache etc. (CCleaner), then change default browserm a 1 minute update is lasting 15 mins., or more.
On top of this Ccleaner’s latest update insists on monitoring all traffic. I can not stop it except by uninstalling it.
Firefox has warned me off Adobe Reader and wants me to use their on-line browser, everytime I want to check a pdf manual.
I went into a Firefox forum to try to remove a plug-in only to find that not only was it problematic, with a risk of fouling up my registry, but Microsoft probably had two other plug-ins on Firefox, of which I knew nothing.
What is the point of trying to stop these corporate voyeur’s, when the “good guys” appear to have sold out.
Io all activists out there, stop concede defeat and at least let me run my computer without Microsoft seizing control to update the patches on their trapdoors.


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