Happy Xmas Jihadists. Too busy shopping to watch out for you.

 Letter to daily Express 17/12/14:
At the height of the IRA bombings, the Public were warned to be vigilant and we were.
All unattended parcels were deemed suspicious and reported to the nearest person with a semblance of authority.
But how can we comply with the demand for vigilance in terms of Jihadists?
Obviously, if their rucksack is smoking, you move away fast.
If they are brandishing Kalashnikovs, or wearing a vest of dynamite sticks, you, again get away fast. You might even focus their attention on yourself by shouting a warning to the less attentive.
These actions don’t require vigilance, just a little bit of awareness, on par with not walking into a lamp post.
So what can we be vigilant of?
Does that mean accosting everyone who looks like they might be Muslim and demanding to know if they are Jihadist? Not very nice and certainly not very wise.
What, then? Nothing.
We emulate the Security forces and wait until there is proof of intent, such as pulling out a pump action shotgun.
Meantime it’s Xmas and there’s presents to buy.

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