@Ed_Miliband @David_Cameron signing TTIP will make it impossible for Government to rein in over-exploitive Capitalism

I’ve just watched this:


This man  (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nick_Hanauer  is not saying anything new; the significance is that no-one can accuse him of Socialist twaddle.

If our politicians listened to this and accepted its truth, they wouldn’t sign TTIP.

They’d stop cutting public services, they’d limit monopolies, patent rights and copyrights.

They’d increase the minimum wage.

In one of my blogs, I pointed out that protecting the NHS, Police, etc. protected the wealth source, because if you keep lowering wages and raising prices you eventually destroy your market. No one is buying and no-one is profitting.

What the man says becomes more relevant as we move towards a Global Economy. The mine owner, of last century, could screw his workers via the company store, because he sold his goods to another wealthier community, but in a Global Community, all the workers eventually become equally unable to afford them.

If I pick apples and you buy them, you can polish and pack them to sell, profitting from the added value. However, if I’m the only person buying them, I won’t be able to afford them. I starve and you go bankrupt (then starve).


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