Eat nuts and berries, forget about pensions and free doctoring, know your place.

this was a letter to the express over their persistent front page stories from Tory HQ, trying to edge us towards a low cost lifestyle. I suspect it’s a piece of Social engineering, moving us back to a Victorian workforce.
I am bewildered by the free advice, which is continually presented to me.
Recent pronouncements, by “Scientists”, via Twitter, instruct me that we should eat less meat in order to reduce our carbon footprint, whilst a “scientific” publication has put out a schematic showing that while as much energy, as received from the Sun, is radiated out into Space, even more is “created” by Greenhouse gases.
OK, it’s Twitter but then I pick up my Daily Express with its headline proclaiming that I’ll live a longer healthier life if I would only adopt a Mediterranean diet.
This theme of living off nuts and berries is continued on page three.
Sandwiched (!) between them is a story about an 80 year-old butcher (presumably a carnivore)living healthily and happily, having not endured even one days holiday, throughout his working life.
Page four I’m immediately into a story of a 102 year-old woman, turfed out of hospital in the wee hours.
Musing on the pro’s and con’s of living longer, I make my way to unlucky page 13, where I’m informed that sadly our hard-pressed MP’s are donning sackcloth and ashes at the thought that they may have to make commoner’s work on until 70, without a State Pension. Ironically a snippet of news about The Rolling Stones saxophonist is squeezed up next to this, giving his age at death, as 70!.
So this Xmas, what should I do? Forgo the Turkey and its trimming to extend my life and avoid the Planet turning into a fireball? Forgo the mince-pies and brandy-soaked Xmas pudding, so I don’t die of diabetes, or cirrhosis?
Perhaps I should advise the younger generation to take advantage of our EU membership and move to a Mediterranean country, where they Siesta in the midday heat, retire early (Is it still 55 years in Greece?) have plentiful nuts and berries, all, presumably, cooked in healthy olive oil and life is one long holiday, financed by bailouts from their northern EU partners.
I don’t know what to do. Any more advice?


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