Privatisation = blackouts in Winter and hosepipe bans in Summer; welcome to Britain.

I read this on Facebook and added my own comment below:

”Belgium is already set to selectively switch off electricity in parts of the country this winter with its energy capacity at a low of 2 percent. The UK, at a seven-year low of just 4 percent capacity, is also cutting it fine… According to the global insurance company Allianz in an extensive report on blackout risks in the US and Europe, “privatization and liberalization” have contributed to “missing incentives to invest in reliable, and therefore well maintained, infrastructures.”…/…/the-coming-blackout-epidemic

The lights may go out sooner than you think.
my addition:
This a consequence of privatisation. When Fiddler’s Ferry was bought by an American company, California had a blackout because the same company had no spare capacity to cope with a sudden hot spell (air conditioners). The first thing privateers do is sell off spare capacity. It also happened when water was privatisef with reservoirs sold of as landfill and then building sites. That’s why we have hosepipe bans, which will get worse with a rapidly increasing population and nowhere to build new reservoirs.

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