It’s beginning to look a lot like Xmas, 1936.

So British jihadi’s will have to wait two years before being allowed to re-enter the country. What does this mean?
When does the two years begin and where do they stay? If they stay in Syria, then that makes the exercise pointless, as they could immediately apply to come home and just renew their application every so often.
They could decide to wait in the South of France, which would please the French, who have their own Jihadists.
Of course, under Schenken their Jihadi’s could come here, a sort of terrorist exchange, with our Security forces having to double their number’s as they liaise with various EU security forces, keeping tabs on each other’s jihadi’s.
More worrying, we have a present day scenario reminiscent of 1936, with Brits going oversea’s to fight on both sides of a war between two ideologies.
At home, we have the Home Secretary wanting to place a political contact in every GP surgery and School . A Home Secretary who already has the power to seize people from their beds, in the middle of the night and try them in secret courts, or, under The European Arrest Warrant, rush them off to foreign parts to be held for an indeterninate time in a foreign jail.
The allusion may be seen as fanciful but at what point did The German people start to become fearful of their own Government?

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