It’s not immigration that politicians should be criticised for it’s the incompetence of catering for it.

We’re sacking nurses, police, firemen, soldiers and other public servants.
I.e. making talented people jobless.
If we are to have an open door policy on immigration, shouldn’t we be creating jobs?
Shouldn’t we also be building more affordable housing, for our newcomers?
What about the infrastructure i.e. more power stations, more reservoirs, more sewers, sewage treatment plants, waste recycling plants, roads, schools, hospitals.
This would also go some way towards creating the jobs we need for our newcomers, or are they merely here to do skivvy work and live in shanty towns?
There’s plenty of land outside of the South-East.
Perhaps, we could start with the grouse moors.
We just need to collect the tax cash that’s being sent to places like Luxembourg, the cash spent on EU bailouts, the cash we’re wasting on vanity projects such as HS2 and Brussels.,
Mostly, we need a Government, which understands its function and the distinction betweeb Governing and ruling

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