so UKIP hasn’t published a manifesto. Are they worth anything?

sent to Express (21/11/14)
One of the criticism’s levelled at UKIP is that no-one knows where they stand on issues other than getting out of the EU.
To an extent, they are stating policies for them, so they can, then, attack them.
I’ve no doubt that people would like to know where UKIP stand on other important issues and, maybe, UKIP leaders are being deliberately obscure on such issues; playing the Tony Blair game of being all things to all men.
However, this may not be as significant as the main parties would like it to be.
Consider how the other parties set up their manifestoes as a sort of Pick’n’Mix bag.
After a General Election, the party, which has gained power, dips into their manifesto and delivers on those issues, which were make-weight and chucks away the significant ones, which we suspect that they had no intention of delivering on.
This time round the two governing parties seem to have blatantly lied on at least one major issue each.
People no longer believe Party political promises, except for this one promise on leaving the EU.
If UKIP gains significant power and doesn’t force an EU referendum, then their support and their party will disappear faster than a snowflake landing in Hell.
The only chance of killing off UKIP would be to have a Referendum now.
Labour could go back to campaigning on the NHS, Conservative’s could go back to campaigning on The Economy and the Lib Dems could go back to trying to persuade us that Nick Clegg has any integrity.

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