voter’s are disaffected because politician’s and the Media are openly unconcerned about what we think.

I sent this to the Daily Express 7/11/2014:

One of Britain’s less obvious but very important weapons during WWII was the BBC.
Not just because of its transmission of coded messages to the underground, or its potential to mislead the enemy on troop movements, but mainly because of its perceived honesty.
We may have been lied to about the number of aircraft shot down, I don’t know, but I and most of the World believed the BBC to be truthsayer’s.
The BBC continued to hold the confidence of the people through their reporting of poll tax riots and other issues such as the Vassal case and the Profumo scandal.
Since the time of John Major and Bill Clinton, we’ve become aware of greater willingness by politicians not just to lie and cover up (Saville,Cyril Smith) but to actually attempt to deceive us (Gummer’s burgers, EU treaties).
Now we distrust everything they say and the Media through which they say it.
The BBC seems to have lost trust from all sides.
Viewed as controlled by the Right and staffed by leftards.
Their camera’s catching Government and EU showpieces but barely aware of numerous protests around the country and giving minimal attention to those that can’t be ignored.
BBC Newsnight has lost a mellowed Paxman and gained a poetry reading format. Questiontime seems to be mainly about fobbing off criticism substituting honesty  with misdirection, acceptance of error with obfuscation, replacing a sharp attentive audience with claques.
The Prime Minister and his Deputy both came into office on repeatedly avowed pledges, which have not just been dropped but aggressively worked against.
Does anyone give credence to the “I” in IPSA?
Just this week we’ve been told that a dossier on MP’s expenses has been shredded.
Another dossier on child abuse has been lost, coincidental with the Home Secretary having to apologise for two unacceptable chairs for the inquiry. Due to be replaced by a new truly impartial chair. who might need said dossier.

Is it any wonder that the figures produced by anyone, even  slightly authoritative as the UCL’s, is seized upon.
It doesn’t matter if the two academics, writing this report on immigration, have an agenda. Any contradictory evidence emanating from sources, from anyone connected to any of the main parties is to be disbelieved.
Any attacks on Miliband on a personal basis is evidence of the nastiness of the political debate, in general. Similarly, attacks on UKIP, as being racist, are seen by many as evidence of an attack on worried voters by the political elite.
The only way forward, that I can see, is for individual MP’s to rebel against their whips, to clean house of the political careerists and placemen.
They need to read the epetitions (instead of ignoring them, as I know one MP was advised to do) and listen to the voters during the next round of canvassing.
Then they need to search amongst themselves for people of integrity to lead them, instead of the present appointee’s.
It won’t happen but some such change is needed before the present system becomes untenable and austerity becomes the least of our worries.



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