I’m getting a little worried about Street charity collector’s.

Let me first say that I may be maligning perfectly honest and decent people but with Government cutbacks on police etc. it’d be a brave person who would challenge a charity collector. This would be especially so of the first guy I saw. A big lad, he could have easily been a retired soldier and my hand was reaching into my pocket, when I paused for thought.

I already had a poppy, so did I want to have a wristband (£20 for 1000), as well?

Why was someone collecting cash which was earmarked for the same cause?

Why was he the only person there and without the ubiquitous stand advertising the charity?

A single bloke with a handful of bands. How many sales @ £1 each (80p profit) might he make in an hour?  9 would give him minimum wage, tax-free.

I moved on.

I saw another collector, inside the exit doorway of a large shop. His collecting tin said “for Hospices”. Similar concerns sprang to mind about this chap’s lack of corporate support, especially as it seemed unusual to collect for multiple hospices. It immediately put me in mind of the rogues collecting bags of clothes. they had a charity number on their leaflets but that was the charity that they had donated £1000 to, having made £100,000 re-selling the clothes in Romania.

How was this chap intending to share out his collection?

Charity is an admirable virtue and some people may be finding Austerity a problem and these fellows may be honest collector’s but with this being possible, with chugger’s, with hard sell charity organisations and even the Taxman trying to exploit people’s charitable nature, it may be that the only donations made to charity may soon be the tax exemption’s for public schools, such as Eton.



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