@Daily_Express we need a new breed of politician. One’s with imagination.

At present politicians persist in banging on about an ageing population and the cost, particularly to the NHS, of caring for them.
The solutions, arrived at, seem to be threefold:
First; raise the retirement age, knowing that many, in labour intensive jobs, will die younger.
Second; pack them into care homes, where they can be dealt with at a minimal unit cost. (some suspect that the dementia bounty is an enabling ploy).
Third; encourage immigration of young cheap workers to fund the economy and pay for them.
Leave aside discussion of the morality, open borders and the squandering of taxes paid in, by that older generation. I’s time to be concerned not just by the effect of people not dying off early enough.
It’s time that Government concerned themselves with genuine employment, the nature of the workforce and the development of an adequate infrastructure.

The country’s wealth relies on value added production.
In the 1980’s, traditional industries such as steel, cotton etc. were shed and reliance placed on The City, via banking and insurance services.

That turned out to be a far from brilliant strategy but one which Government is clinging to having left us with little alternative.

It may be that HS2 is intended to rebuild the heavy industry platform but it’s more likely, I suspect, that most of the investment will vanish abroad.
Whatever the situation, most of our present employment is, presently, in service industries. I.e., as one American critic forecast (1980’s) “holding doors open, for each other”.

Even the immigrants’ jobs will be of this nature and just as useless in creating wealth.

The nature of the workforce is a worry. Whereas, some of the population growth is actually by birth of new citizen’s, my own subjective view is that this does not appear to be coming from those, who produce our wealth.

Those, formerly referred to as Yuppies, can’t afford to pay graduate loans, mortgages and raise families. Only those relying on State support can do so and they can’t afford to change their modus vivendi, even under the aggressive attentions of IDS.

The area that is under immediate need of some show of Government imagination is that of infrastructure.
According to Government figures, the present population is just under 64 million and the effect on housing of the influx of East Europeans is already causing some alarm, yet no regard is being made to predicted population figures.
Predictions (population projections)  are that within one generation, i.e. 25 years, (or the time taken by present day babies to get to the stage of grasping hold of their degree certificates), The population will have increased by another 9 million (+/- 5M).

That’s not just more houses. It’s more cookers and more food to put in them. It’s more water to drink, to wash the dishes. It’s more effluent and sewage to treat. It’s a need for more transport and greater congestion. It’s a need for more energy to operate these things. Putting everyone on bicycles is the chosen solution , for the last item, but bicycle lanes don’t work on roads built for hansom cabs, yet still having to cater for hauliers and white van man.

We need the sort of politicians, who designed the post war prefabs, not those who provide profit incentives to house builders, which result in gated estates full of executive housing.
We need the sort of politicians, who realised that the multitudinous and disparate private suppliers of electricity needed to be nationalised and re-organised into the World’s first National Grid. Ditto the railways with their different gauge tracks and The Fire Services which saw Coventry burn down because they, too, were owned by different (insurance) companies. We need the sort of politician’s who created an efficient National Health Service within a few short years, despite being truly pauperised by a devastating World War.


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