employment up but wages down means less Tory votes

Letter to Daily Express 1/10/2014 (not published!)
Your finance editor, Peter Cunliffe, writes of his concern that voter’s are expresssing the view that their finances have worsened. This, he believes goes against the figures being presented to him.
He puts this jaundiced view of economic conditions down to “sentiment”. I.e. the masses are ignorant of the truth.
I suggest that he looks at figures put forward by the likes of Unite.
Yes, Employment figures have increased, as he says, but apparently the Nation’s wage bill has, coincidentally, dropped. I’m not a financial expert but I can see the implications and a glaring explanation for voter dissatisfaction.
If your wages and conditions of work have worsened, whilst fixed overheads have increased, then you are not likely to consider this as an improvement.   In fact you will begin to see claims of an improved economy as a bad thing, because it means that someone else is becoming better off at your expense.
Austerity measures means sacking people from secure, well-paid State jobs and joining the queues of people considering part-time and zero hour’s employment.
Expecting such people to praise George Osborne’s brilliance and to rush to vote Conservative shows a Nelson touch, only credible for the party faithful, in party conference week


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