Scottish referendum vote was a joy and a sorrow. Westminister can go back to smug complacency.

I  am delighted that Scotland is still part of our country.

I’m not the least bit bothered by Scot’s who curse “tha’ f**kin’  Anglish”, no more than other’s espouse similar epithets about other regions of the country.

I am severely disappointed that they missed an opportunity to destroy the power of Westminister.

Without Scottish Labour, Parliament would have been a melange of Tory, UKIP, LibDem and Northern Labour.

The chance of a EU referendum would have become a greater reality and there might even have been a chance of a North-South split and an end of HS2.

With the NO vote victory, there isn’t even a chance of Westminister relenting from its arrogance.

They won’t even take note that the reason for the high turnout  was that THEIR VOTE WAS GOING TO COUNT FOR SOMETHING.

Tonight they’ll be partying and Tomorrow they’ll be back to the pretence of being enemies of each other, jockeying for seats on the Euro-gravy Train and looking for sinecures from Health Companies and other privateers.


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