@38Degrees_vol @UkLabour. How will a tax rise help protect the #NHS, once it’s gone?

I’ve had an e-mail from 38degrees.org.uk asking me to sign a petition to tell Ed Balls to put a 1p on tax.
It’s almost as if they were acting on behalf of Labour to raise support for raising taxes.

It would be a good propaganda move to set up a puppet protest group to mould popular opinion.

Much better than perverting an effective protest campaign into one chasing less worrying campaigns (Occupy seems to have dropped privatisation issues for anti-fracking and climate change).

Certainly better than besmirching them.

E.g. CND were all alleged to be KGB stooges and Greenham Common was alleged to be full of stinky, bull dykes.

This was my e-mail back to them:

what does a 1p tax rise mean?
Will it just go straight into share dividends?
This is too simplistic and doesn’t address the real problem— privatisation


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