Theresa May arrogance over State Pension shows why Scotland will vote “Yes” (unless it’s rigged)

Posted to Daily Express (15/9/14)
It really is too much, for people such as Theresa May and those representing the Pension Advisory Service to berate low paid member’s of the Public.
To ask voter’s if they would be content to try and survive on £20 a day, as Theresa May did, is effectively sneering at the people, whose lives she helps to manipulate.
The very reason for introducing a State Pension was that the majority of people could not hold onto enough money to secure a pension.
It was bad enough in the days of “The Company Store”, before Government et al were able to go on-line to examine your small change and your spending patterns.
With the constant push to increase inescapable utility bills and fixed taxes up to their maximum extractable, it has become ever harder for anyone, who tries to put a ha’penny aside, for that rainy day.
(Theresa May’s contempt is that of the lady, in the Grand carriage, for those sheltering from the rain, under an old newspaper.)
Government can not just abrogate it’s duty to shelter all those under its protection, whilst legislating better protection for battery farmed hens and guaranteeing a %age of GDP for foreign aid.
We need an adequate State pension for everyone, including the feckless and the indolent of this country.
If justice demands that some deserve a better reward for a lifetime of drudgery, then there needs to be a means of putting money aside, at which Politicians and other footpads can only cast a covetous eye.
Some sort of personal Swiss bank account, which can not be taken into account, when assessing a person’s ability to pay for medical treatment, or to claim sick pay, might help many.
There will still be those who are being bounced from one one temporary, part-time job to another, who will not be able to maintain a private pension fund, or keep track of company pension schemes.
Such people would, I think, have to rely on a Gov’t based bonus scheme related to credits for hours worked, or taxes paid, although such a scheme would be wide open to political depredation.

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