I’d vote against Scottish independence, unless I was a Scot. Who wouldn’t want to be free of Westminister?

These are emails I sent to the Daily Express
Sent 9/9/14
Alas! I do not believe that I have even a trace of Scottish DNA but I was brought up thinking of Scots as kin and I will feel sad to see the YES vote win.
On the other hand, having followed the debates, listened to Mr. Salmond and having observed the same forms of opposition as have been displayed over an EU refendum, I can see how, if I were entitled to vote, I would vote “yes”.
There may be a large number of Scots, who feel their historical treatment as a personal attack but I think a large and important part of the vote will be a wish to be free of Westminster and its combination of Marie Antoinette and Goebbels style view of people management.
Sent 3/9/14
As much as I like the idea of a United Kingdom, I wonder if it will really harm The England, to which I belong.
I got used to the idea of celebrating Commonwealth Day, instead of Empire Day.
I got used to the idea of being a part of Europe, instead of The Commonwealth.
I got used to the idea of devolution and seeing road signs duplicated in a foreign language (Welsh), within a short drive of my home.
Frankly I can’t see why I am expected to be exercised over Scottish independence.
I can only see positive aspects:
The end of Scots needing to hate us. (The Welsh seem less antagonistic, now  they can cast blame on their own Parliament)
A possible devolution of Northern Ireland (mainly Scots émigré’s).
The re-evaluation of the burden of paying for Trident.
The re-evaluation of Westminster prestige, usually represented as “Britain’s Place on The World Stage”.
A possible re-evaluation of the situation of The Viking descended North, ruled over by the Saxon descended South.
It seems that, actually, Scottish devolution may only be a problem for those scurrying around the corridor’s of Westminster.
Why should I be worried?

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