@bbc this week #occupy we need an electronic age democracy.

It seems that Westminster has decided that we can’t be allowed any say in our own future as a Nation (Although The Scots may).

Labour says no referendum on EU membership.

LibDem says no referendum on EU membership.

Tories says no referendum on EU membership, until 2017, on assumption that we will have already been hog-tied and sold by then.

The present corrupted form of Democracy is based on circumstances as they existed in the days of quill and parchment, when only the rich had a say in events.

We now live in an age, when quill and parchment have been outmoded by electronic data processing techniques, which are not only swifter but capable of checking much larger numbers of people.

The lengthy business of organising local groups to select and appoint representatives is no longer a necessity.

World affairs and public reactions change on a daily basis.

We no longer need to wait weeks to learn the garbled details of some conflict in The Crimea, in fact ordinary citizens are often watching scenes of action, in process, whilst officials are still trying to contact the relevant Ministers.

The farce of a five year wait, while idiots declare wars, in our names and sign away hard won rights, without fear of recrimination, needs to end.

Instead of demanding just one referendum (on the EU), it’s time we demanded that Parliament give us back the power to decide our fate, with multiple referenda.
It seems that e-petitions and polls are easily arranged and able to relay our policy wishes to those managing our National affairs.
We no longer need a Parliament ( literally a talking shop).
We may still need politicians to propose and formulate policies but we already have The Civil Service to implement those policies and their Minister’s (as overseer’s) could rightly be directly elected, according to an actual relevant expertise.
The policies could still be set on a five year basis, by the whole population but with an electronic poll of a 12,000(+) strong panel, selected on the same basis as juror’s, should there truly be a need for an urgent executive decision and alteration of policy direction, or a snap referendum.


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