EU,Jihad,NHS,Privatisation. The British will accept any insult from Gov’t. but for a few protest marches.

posted to D.Express (22/8/14) but not published
Consider how little success that Government has had in preventing illegal immigrants from entering the country.
Consider their lack of success on removing illegal immigrants once discovered.
Consider the way that European criminals have re-appeared in this country within weeks of being found guilty and deported.
Now consider the likelihood that the British Government would be able to deal with Jihadists returning from their Islamic State, once there is no-one left to kill.
These killers wouldn’t return wearing head scarves, carrying Kalashnikov’s and holding up British passports with a stamp from Islamic State.
They’ll be legally entitled to enter the C
They might be subject to lengthy chats but they’d inevitably be passed through, as of a right.
We have already had two Jihadists publicly behead a British soldier, without having left this country and they still have our legal system tied up.
What will our politicians do when the returnee’s have made good their threats and publicly beheaded more soldiers, reporters, police and anyone else likely to attract media attention.
How many can be safely held in custody, under the watchful eye of Serco, or G4s?
It is doubtful that our politicians have the wits, or power, to bring in measures to contain this threat and that’s the real calamity of our present political arrangements and those who’ve been trained in academic-based political theory.
The British are, in the main, extremely tolerant, forbearing and even passive, as we found under IRA provocation, but they aren’t going to rush to the polls to elect BNP or EDL councillors and feel satisfied with that.
At some point, if the threat is as great as the media predicts, someone will eventually take direct action to avenge a personal loss. The authorities will take their usual stance and the response will be disastrous.
Our political master’s have made the Laws and signed the treaties, which confound them.
They have the power to rescind both and to enact new laws, which Police and Judiciary would gladly implement.
They just have to remember that they are our representatives; not those of Brussels, Uncle Sam’s, or anyone else.
If we believe that they act in our interests, we’ll support them.

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