The two party system avoids revolution, by letting people think they have a choice.

This was a letter to the Daily Express, which wasn’t published.
I congratulate Fred Forsyth on his summation of the pathology of the EU but must point out one omission.
He refers to the EU distrust of Democracy and its detestation of Referenda but missed the opportunity of using the Referendum, on joining the Common Market, to explain why Democracy had been unable to prevent the rise of Hitler etc.
As in the case of the vote to apply for membership of the Common Market, the people were deceived. I’m not refering to the overall deceit about political union but the reason I was one of the 30% who voted against joining The Common Market.

It was known, although politically played down in The Press, that it would mean severing trading ties with The Commonwealth.
It was not about Free Trade, as it was promoted to be, it was about trade embargoes and protectionism.

This was very quickly proven by the effect on Commonwealth economies notably with setbacks by restrictions on lamb, butter and sugar (this, last, hit Jamaica quite hard and may have had some knock-on effect, in terms of Windrush).

[ A side comment for Judy Finnegan’s lament about the ignorance of The History of The British Empire and why the past was being airbrushed….. It’s like removing all the picture’s of the divorced spouse from the photo album]
Democracy didn’t create the problems in Europe.
Those problems were created by the suppression of Democracy and the respective population’s backlashes against the iniquity, or deceitfulness, of those in power.

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