How to fix the Economy and keep filling our boots

Apparently the solution to our economic disaster does not lie in taxing the banks, who caused the problem, nor with leaving the EU.  (That money pit, which demands we provide housing and financial support for the families of East European immigrants, South European State pensions and a larcenous, Pan-European Bureaucracy.)
The problem and the solution lies with British Baby-Boomers.
If only we could get them all to drop dead.
We can’t further cut State Pensions, even though we’ve already re-defined the truth about the money that they paid into it.
We can’t just work them to death, by further raising pension age (it’s taking too long).
However, we could end all payments, if we could just kill them off, instanter.
Let’s put medical aid out of their reach by requiring them to pay for it, or better still denying them timely access.
Here’s a good one:
For year’s G.P.’s etc. have been advising them to take half an aspirin daily, to thin their blood and reduce risks associated with old, clogged up blood vessels.
Let’s reverse that recommendation and tell them that aspirin has been found to increase the risk of a heart attack. They’ll be bursting blood vessels all over the place and by the time the ambulance gets them to one of our new Centre’s of Excellence and they’ve proven their eligibility for treatment… LOL!
Here’s another: for years we’ve been telling them to take it easy in the bedroom and to get plenty of gentle exercise, possibly through long walks. Keeps the blood pumping and joints moving.
Let’s change that advice to engaging in short bursts of intense activity. They’ll be popping off, all over the place.
It’s brilliant, we’d not only save on their State pension and health care costs but we could legislate to seize all their assets, including any cash they’ve released from their private pensions.
All we need, now, is a really bad Winter and the wrong flu vaccine.


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