@bbcthisweek @NickyMorgan01 set up an Ofsted clerk to the Governor’s service

the BBC Daily politics show had a three person discussion on the problem of Birmingham schools being taken over by extremist Sunni Islamism.
The main complaint sems to be that anti-British and racist views are being implemented.
The representative of the group (AMS), purported to be behind this, was at great pains to point out that it shouldn’t happen in State schools (implying that such views should be allowable in private schools!) and that this was a Government problem.
Trevor Phillips (former Chairmain of the HRE commission) asserted that it was a natural consequence of ghettoisation of schools and, in saying that Ofsted wasn’t omnipresent, also implied that it was a Government problem and, consequently, their fault.
As the policing of these schools is supposed to be via the governing body, then it is there that attention needs to be directed.
Under the present system the Governing body is composed of mainly parents and councillor’s with token representation by teacher’s.
Decisions are often made by the Chair of Governor’s and presented to the governing body as a fait accompli, necessitated by the need to take swift action.
The problem is that there is no recourse open to any individual Governor to prevent such decision making and no body set up override illegal decisions, to which concerned individual Governor’s, or teacher’s can appeal.
The Clerk to the Governor’s is often without training for the role and instead of being able to advise the Governing body on its legal limitations, has been relegated to a secretarial role.
Trevor Phillips’ point suggests a remedy to this lack of oversight.
Governing bodies meet maybe 6 times a year. It shouldn’t be impossible for Ofsted to set up a pool of suitably trained clerk’s to manage this oversight, with a helpline for concerned Governor’s, or for the advising of Head’s and Chair’s in emergency decision’s.
This, in a less rigorous form was the system used by the LEA’s, under DES oversight, before “Education,Education,Education” and the gradual weakening of LEA responsibilities, to enable school’s to become more independent.


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