The EU is an Opium Den. We need an intervention for our political leaders.

 David Fuller provides an advisory service and forum to investor’s.
This is his view uf the EU, which our political leader’s are determined to enchain us:

” Europe’s wealthy and largely unelected ruling bureaucrats remain out of touch with reality.  They press ahead with empire building while their economies generate little GDP growth and unemployment levels in many EU countries remain an indictment of the system.”

David Fuller represents people whose whole raison d’être is dependent on accurate assessment of financial matters.

It is obvious that the EU is terminally sick and we do not hold the key to its cure; nor are we in a position to rescue it from being gobbled up by the CEB, under a resurgent Germany.
It’s too late to resurrect our Commonwealth ties, which seem to have been gathered in by the US but we may still be able to resurrect EFTA in some form, if we could only help our political leaders recover from this pipedream of a United (and free) Europe.



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