Snooper Law can get through in days but referendum law may take years. Cynical, or what?

Apparently there is to be an emergency session of Parliament to create Law to overrule a decision by the ECHR.
It seems that Search engines (such as tax shy Google) and email providers (such as monopolists Microsoft) keep records of our searches and our contacts, which the ECHR has ruled they shouldn’t.
The ECHR also ruled that individuals can have files, on any of their misdeeds, expunged from Google search results.
Sent to Express but not published
Government is concerned that deletion of such records will hamper police investigations in their search for terrorist links and for reports of paedophile and other criminal activity.
This is disconcerting in two ways, apart from internet stories about GCHQ having full access to all this data, and more, via the NSA.
First, that Parliament is forever telling us that legislation, which we want, takes years to be worked out, discussed, considered, passed and implemented (if within that Parliamentary session). This Law will be in place, a done deal, sorted, within days.
Second, this is to overrule ECHR ruling, backed by EU Law, which is allegedly sacrosanct. We are forever being told that nothing can be done that is contrary to such rulings, that Parliamentary hands are tied, Government is committed, we can’t deport foreign criminals etc.
It’s becoming more and more apparent that Government doesn’t care if we know that they rule by a sham, so long as just one person turns up at the ballot box, they’ll persist in their contempt for public opinion, or public concern and only enact Law, which is convenent to them.

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