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This morning’s breakfast TV had a piece about small businesses complaining that British broadband was too slow and losing them business.
At first, I was just mildly surprised, wondering why they had such problems, when I,  a mere domestic user, had no such problems.Call me an old cynic but that immediately set off alarm bells.
Across the Atlantic, there is political battle taking place, with some Network provider’s trying to get legislation through to implement a two-tier broadband. I.e. a high speed, expensive service for business and an excruciatingly slow free (maybe) service, for Plebs.
As we are about to be embroiled in TTIP, it occurs to me that this non-News item put out, when most people are pre-occupied with the first working day of the week, might simply be the whispered start of a similar campaign, this side of The Pond.
If I’m right, the next salvo will be a page 5 snippet, in the National’s, about some quasi-authoritative organisation declaring that business user’s have investigated options and believe it is necessary to “consider” the two tier version being favoured in other countries.


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