Pork Chop Hill and another account of the same old truism about political leaders

‘ve just been watching “Pork Chop Hill” and it reminded me of a tidbit from my Senior Physics Lecturer.
He’d been called up and shipped off to Korea., when he was younger and we still had conscription.
(He claimed that a third of those aboard had got themselves put in prison, for “deliberately making themselves unfit for active duty” by using shore leave at Gibraltar to visit knocking shops.)

The connection with Pork Chop Hill was the scene where the Koreans were surging up the hill.

He was in a patrol, led by a Major.    As they came over the crest of the hill, they saw Korean soldiers, massed like ants. When the Chinese officers began blowing their trumpets to signal to attack, the Major drew his pistol and called “charge!”, like some latter-day hero.

He got shot, as did the sargeant who went to rescue him.

I don’t know how many were in the patrol but I’m guessing “not many”, because they unaminously agreed that discretion was the better part of valour and rapidly advanced to the rear.
I think of this story everytime some pompous politician declares that they are “leader’s” and don’t listen to the voices of the Plebs.

The moral is that often, the leader is a numpty, who has not earned his role, or title, of leader.


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