Juncker is a smoke screen. we’re not getting a referendum

Letter sent to Daily express on 28/6/14 (not published)
David Cameron’s recent disappointment over Juncker was, apparently, brought about by Angela Merkel’s manoeuvre’s.
Some of those, whom Cameron had been relying on, may have been offered concessions on the CEB’s bailout conditions.
Other’s may have achieved some other domestically significant political point.
At least Cameron has the satisfaction of knowing that concessions and favours may be both of a “She giveth and She taketh away” nature.
Short lived gains seem a common theme in EU dealings.
In this case, David Cameron has been backed into a corner by UKIP’s success and his subsequent strong posture has made any “peace in our time” deals unlikely to sell to his rebels..
My concern is that the jubilation, of some of his party, over this apparent humiliation and consequent rift with Merkel et al, may merely turn out to be another ruse to postpone an actual Referendum, until much too late.

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