@Ed_Miliband don’t mention the TTIP, until it’s a done deal

As a member of the EU, we will be committed to an agreement, which seems to offer little to benefit us but puts us in a position, where large American business can sue us and, consequently, push their corporate interests ahead of our national interests.

Examples offered by one campaigning group are:

(1) Corporations could sue the UK government for raising the minimum wage.

(2) Tobacco companies could sue the UK for billions of pounds for introducing a plain cigarette packaging law.

Of course, these particular cases may not occur but they are indicative of the power’s, presently being agreed to by the EU, on our behalf.

The agreement (TTIP – the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership) could be a done deal, before the General Election and long before David Cameron’s hypothetical offer of a referendum.
UKIP complain that The H.o.P. are merely rubber-stamping legislation created by unelected Eurocrats.

Does this TTIP need their rubber stamp, or has that authority already been passed over to the Eurocrats?

If so, the next General Election will be a pointless exercise.

Andy Burnham’s promise to re-nationalise the NHS will be worthless. David Cameron’s promise of a referendum will prove a cynical deceit.

Worse for UKIP and its concern about Law being made by unelected Eurocrats, Big Business will make much of our Law, by using the TTIP to take Government to court and over-turning any legislation which affects their profits.

I am surprised that the Media and UKIP have been so quiet about the danger it represents.

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