Plebian austerity versus Friedmanists austerity

I’veĀ  just watched ( 29/6/14) the Boulting Brothers’ film “Lucky Jim”.
It was what passed for comedy in the 1950’s but it did cause me to make another comparison with Today’s Britain.

We had just come out of a World War and were above our heads in debt, with our former Allies demanding payment for the second hand armaments that we had had lend-leased.

Apparently they would have had The Crown Jewels if Churchill hadn’t insisted that they were the private property of the Royal Family (US Gov’t has greatest respect for private property).

We were in dire straits, worse than we now have, after bailing out the banks.

This was the time when the Welfare State was created and when major utilities were in national control.
We had a huge public sector workforce, instead of massive unemployment.
We had more police patrolling one urban district than we have for many city centres.
In the film we had a policeman doing points duty on a small rural crossroad. Probably an unlikely circumstance but not something that would have been remarked on, any more than the chase scene in Norman Wisdom’s film “On the Beat” (
That was a genuine austerity Britain. Why is this artificial one so nasty to plebs and an excuse for raping State Assets?


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