@afneil base constituencies of a second house on social groups.

I would replace The Lords with a Parliament, where the MP’s have constituencies based on career, union, social group, or similar
That way you’d get politician’s, representative of real people with real life experience and self selecting by virtue of ability to express the views of their colleagues.
We’d get rid of party political broadcasts, because the constituencies would select candidates from their own newsletters, forums etc.

Allocate ~600 seats and base constituencies on minimum membership (0.2% registered voters).
Butcher’s , Baker’s and Candle-stick maker’s could agree to coalesce to form a big enough group.
Voter’s could select their constituency, based on their eligibility e.g. a catholic plumber could join a plumber constituency, or a catholic one.

People could change their allegiance, with proof of eligibility, the same way they can tax their car.
The responsibility for vetting voters would be upto constituency management, with suitable penalties for management panel found to be deliberately fraudulent. (there’d have to be some leeway for genuine failures.

Those knowingly registering / voting twice would faced with a prison term.

Coalition’s could form and separate as their policies affected their constituency numbers.
Groups, which tried to scam members would lose them to alternate groups.
Large groups might qualify for two, or more candidates.
No group of people could claim to be totally under-represented.
Pressure Groups, which believe they shpould have a bigger say in policy – making, would to argue their corner rather than just targetting a few politicians, who would now face rapid de-selection and replacement.
Management panels would be responsible for the incomes of their MP’s. It would cease to be a drain on the Treasury and a source of public corruption.


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