A surgeon prefers to excise the tumour, politicians prefer to cut off the limb

We are told Obama is joining with Iran and other interested parties in opposing ISIS.
This presumably will mean an eventual halt to the death’s of innocent Iraqi’s.
Except, of course, that with bombs and bullets all around, there will be casualties and further innocent Iraqi’s will probably die, in the meantime.
If every last ISIS militant is killed, this will not be an end to the conflict, any more than the death of Osama Bin Laden ended Al Qaeda.
Another group will emerge, because the men funding them will remain untouched.
It is unlikely that Western intelligence sources don’t know, or can’t find out who these paymaster’s are and this raises the question of why such men live, whilst thousands die.
If our politicians, in the West, truly wanted to end this eternal conflict, they would not, as suggested on BBC’s Newsnight, bring pressure to bear on such people.
They’d take a more direct approach.
The assassination of Lord Louis Mountbatten by the IRA, shows how easy it is for politicians to overlook such improprieties, for the sake of the big picture.
It is puzzling why they prefer to spend millions to kill mainly bystander’s, when there is a cheaper option.

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