A tweet about Putin reputedly feeling miffed over D-Day speches, prompted this letter to the Daily Express
Normandy was a Big Deal and was enacted by soldiers of the Western Democracies.
But Putin was reportedly upset that no mention had been made of Russia’s contribution to the War effort.
It’s to be hoped that he did not actually express such a view, else he would have invited further acrimony from The West.
The (very) young men who died, in huge numbers, on Normandy beaches, did so without fear of summary execution by their own people for refusing to go.
We know that large numbers of Russian soldiers died on the Eastern front, many while Russia waited for this Second Front.
It is worth taking note that the Allies were also fighting in Italy (unreported as Commanders and Press oversaw the preparations for Normandy) and , mainly G.I’s, in the Pacific.
Landings in Sicily, Italy and multiple Pacific islands were just as bloody..
There was no attempt at an invasion of Japan by Russia.
No Russian soldiers had to brave unprotected machine gun fire, whilst wading ashore.
The soldiers of Normandy deserved their accolade without having to acknowledge that many other’s were also dying that day.

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