Bye-Bye coalition and Good Riddance, when you finally go.

A leader in the Daily Express prompted this letter:

I, for one, am pleased that this coalition Government has caused Westminster antipathy towards any future coalitions.
No-one voted for this present coalition, which has disappointed , if not angered, the majority of the electorate.
Many, such as myself, were looking forward, towards a minority government, headed by the party with the most MP’s.
This would have been a victory for Democracy, whereby Labour, or Tory policies could only be implemented with the consent of the majority of our elected representative’s.
If Clegg hadn’t offered his MP’s as voting fodder for Cameron’s cabinet, the Lib Dems wouldn’t be looking like an ex-party.
I like to think that if, instead of selling his voters for a seat in Cabinet, he had been a Statesman and let his MP’s have a free vote on anything, which they had not committed to in their own manifesto, then Lib Dems might well have cut some of the ground from under UKIP and stole Labour and Tory voter support from those desperately wishing for a democratic government

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