some people believe what they are told everyone else believes.

There are many people, who are scared of not being liked.
They want to be anonymous. Rather than having an opinion, they’ll listen to what everyone else is saying and try to lay claim to whatever opinion is most popular.
They are like Margot Leadbetter out of “The Good Life”; bewildered by what has been said but joining in the laughter, unable to explain what is funny.
I think of such people as like sheep. They’ll stick with the flock no matter where it goes, even into the abattoir.
The sheep can be led by a Judas goat, or chivvied by a sheep dog.
Politician’s, their spin doctor’s and the Media use a simpler trick, with voter’s, : They announce, as if a  fact,  what people really, really want.
For example, the recent Euro elections were a vote against being in the E.U., so the Europhile’s are using the Media to deny this is what the vote means.

They are claiming that it doesn’t truly reflect what people want. “It’ll be different at the real election next year”, “they really want to be in Europe (making it synomynous with EU)”, ” they just want a few changes”.
They are relying on the sheep repeating these views, as if they were their own considered opinions.
If a sheep echoes such views to you, ask them to justify what they’re saying. Chances are they’ll fall back on “It’s obvious…”, “Everyone knows…”.


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