my take on the benefits of women’s lib

Women’s Lib grew out of the change of role of women during WWII but it didn’t gain wings until it was given political support, as a means of undermining the Union’s.
There were few women in the work force, after the men came back from war and the family unit returned to being based  on the man as the breadwinner.

The big political problem of the day, for the ruling classes,¬† was that the Unions were very strong and full of men, who weren’t prepared to kow tow to the bosses, anymore.
Some women had been continually agitating for female equality of pay and Germaine Greer became their voice, through her book “The female Eunuch”.
By giving women’s Lib backing, the Union’s could be undercut by equalising male pay down to that of women. A big benefit would be that women were, in general, more compliant and would be less prepared to go on strike (different priorities to men).

These were points being made in The Press, at the time.

Legislation requiring equal pay was brought in and women were encouraged to see themselves as having been given greater freedom.

Films showing women becoming active against male dominated Unions and asserting themselves were used to promote this view.

Women now have the right to work until they are as old as men, before they become entitled to a pension, which they have earned, instead of relying on their husbands contributions. Just as well, since most jobs have become part-time, or shared jobs, done by women, at minimum wage.

I’m all for equality for women but I think that they were sold a bill of good’s by Women’s Lib. and the Working Class, as a whole, were shafted.


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