If UKIP are merely picking up the racist vote, why didn’t the BNP have any real success?

The danger of continually declaiming UKIP as racist is that it will attract racists to UKIP.
Undoubtedly, they have already attracted many racist voters.
Undoubtedly, many formerly voted BNP. Many will have voted Tory.
However, many are previously Labour voters and non-voters.

Keep labelling UKIP as racist and racism could become acceptable again. A third of voters have voted for UKIP.  They will not only get tired of denying being racist, they’ll despise all other opinion’s of their accuser’s.

UKIP’s main gains have not been in London, where racism might be a problem. the big gains have been in the regions, where there is high unemployment and greater resentment of a political elite centring itself on London.

UKIP has possibly gained support for the same reasons that led to the success of Plaid Cymru and the SNP.
They had a Nationalist core on which to base themselves but possibly that was incidental to the real driving force behind their drive for devolution.


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