@thegreenparty I hate Junk Mail, especially now it’s privatised @David_Cameron

The postman delivered a load of snail mail spam this morning. Junk from British Gas, Virgin media, Matalan and the Co-op.
A total equivalent to 8 sheets of highly glossed A4, which is not easily recyclable.
The last is my bone of contention.
I’ve immediately filed them in the appropriate wheelie bin (stuck in front of my house and not enhancing its main aspect).
So, A privatised State asset, paid for via my taxes, is now being used to enrich mainly Yanks, dumping junk mail on me, which I am then paying to get rid of; all the while being berated by sanctimonious bastards complaining that I’m destroying the environment.
I’m getting screwed and then being blamed for inviting it. Sound familiar?


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