just a ramble about cliché’d thinking

There’s nothing wrong with cliché’s. They are meme’s which persist, because they encapsulate an idea and aid communication.
The real problem is cliché’d thinking.
This is lazy, or shallow thinking used by the majority of the population, in all strata of life.
Predominantly used by Sun reader’s but also used by people educated to degree level in subjects, where they are assessed by the weight of their degree theses and the number of literary references (in a sense, these are book length cliché’s) cited.
An example is: “when someone begins a sentence with ‘apparently’ it means that what they are about to say is untrue”.
Here, the originator probably said “may be untrue” but the shallow thinker has changed it.
In reality, when you begin a sentence with “apparently”, you are warning the listener that the following statement  may be untrue and that you are not willing to take the blame for it being false.
Such statements can turn out, against expectation, to be true and verifiable.
My problem with this cliché’d thinking is that it is used to stifle comment and avoid an investigation of the truth.

Cliché’d thinking often gives rise to argument-ender’s, such as ” you can’t eat that, it’s out of date”.
The food may be unpalatable but it is usually edible and nutritious.
“If you express a negative view on immigration, you’re a racist”.
“Socialism is the politics of envy”
“Capitalism is the politics of greed”
“It’s for charity”

The worst aspect is that politician’s rely on the cliché’d thinking of the masses to perpetrate lies and black propaganda.
Privatisation of State-Owned (paid for through taxes) facilities has used this approach, since the 80’s, by attaching the word “inefficient” to all State run facilities (except Parliament itself) and the word “efficient” to all privately run organisations.
So British Rail and British Gas were inefficient, as was the Post Office and as the NHS, Schools and Police have become.
Meanwhile the Banks, G4S, Serco, the fuel companies are not only very profitable (based on tax-payer funding) they are super efficient (at extracting profit).
Right wing politician’s (and I include New Labour) ruthlessly exploit this cliche’d thinking, the way that Goebbel’s did with his images of sewer rats, when talking of Jews.

They’re just not as blatantly obvious.

Then there are those on the Left Wing. The problem with the Left of politics is that their leader’s don’t ascend to dominance by nepotism, or cash, but by sheer ebullience .
The best example of this was a right winger, Hitler, but he achieved dominance in unusual circumstances, which are unlikely to be seen by the likes of Nick Griffin, or any of our Left Wing people.

The problem is that ebullience and intellect rarely go together.
The intelligent tend to try and dodge the bullets. Leaders emerge from those, who have merely survived the bullets.
The Left is mainly led by the haranguer’s, the cliché’d thinker’s, who rely on slogans.
I despair of some of their band wagons.
I’m all for using alternative forms of energy and preparing against the day when fossil fuels run out but you can’t just shut down coal, oil and nuclear fuelled power stations and rely solely on alternatve energy sources. (not without suitable energy storage or a Global SuperGrid)
Here’s a cliché’d image: Good King Wenceslas looking out on a cold moon-lit night, when there’s not a whisper of wind, near his land-locked castle.

Recycling is good, within reason.
My wife  puts all types of plastic, some with labels, some with print, in the same bin as baked bean tins and my wine bottles.  Is that sorted? Is it worthwhile?
Sod it, I could go on for ages about plastics, print, labels etc. but at the simplest level I’d say get rid of junk mail and excess packaging, before taking all rubbish mixed together, mill it and sort it into ferrous and non-ferrous, silicates and organics.
Compost plastics with the organics. OK, it’ll take millennia for the INERT plastics to break down but so what. What do people think soil is?

Is Fracking really such a problem? “Frack off”  is perfect  for cliché’d thinkers.

Wigan area is the centre of a coalfield and is pockmarked with the remnants of that era. We have three mineshafts on my street (maybe more uncharted).  There’s a place on the A580 where the road still has landslips, as old shafts collapse.
All the old opencast mines have formed flashes and been redesignated as wetland areas of Special Scientific Interest.
What damage will Fracking do that’s worse than what we’ve got?

Lastly, I’ll whinge about interviewer’s. Being a good interviewer isn’t about being brusque, it isn’t about interrupting (even politely) the interviewee. It’s about eliciting an answer to a question, which the viewer’s want a full answer to. Too many interviewer’s have the cliché’d idea that their job is to get an emotional reaction, or to force their own answer’s on the interviewee. And their cliché’d producer’s think they’ve earned their wages, because they’ve conformed to their image of a tough interviewer.


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