Was QI showing EU bias?

Is Stephen Fry pro-EU, or is it his QI elves?
I’ve just watched an episode where the panel was asked to play a fun version of call my bluff based on silly EU regulations that were, in some cases, reported in The Press.
Of course they were all laughable bluff’s
This is the Aunt Sally form of propaganda and must have pleased the likes of Nick Clegg and Ed Miliband immensely in this week of Euro elections.
These falsehoods about the EU had been foolishly believed by many, so “logically”, if anyone says anything bad about the EU, not only must that be untrue but —–they are fools and you will be too wise to believe it,—- even if it appears in The Press.
I must admit that I fell for the one about the straight banana’s but then I had the story about the EU sugar policy and the near collapse of the Jamaican economy to give it credence: This backed by years of butter mountains, milk lakes, fishing quota’s (which destroyed the UK fishing fleet), VAT fiddles etc.
Cynic that I am, I expect to see this episode of QI in the run-up to the next General Election


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